Exporting your sliders

If you want to create a backup of your settings and sliders, or you want to move your site to a different server, you can use the export code. This is a serialized array encoded with base64 containing every data related to LayerSlider WP. Save this code to a safe place.

Importing sliders from export code

If you want to import your previously exported LayerSlider sliders, you just have to paste the export code into the import text field and press the "Import" button. The import method won't touch of your old sliders, it is only adding the new ones.

What about my images?

The import method will restore every data of your settings and sliders, but it won't copy the images what you might use in the sliders. These images are located in your "/wp-content/uploads" folder. You have to copy them from your old site and paste them into your new uploads folder. Otherwise you have to upload the images again.

Unfortunately, currently there is now way for LayerSlider WP to copy your images as well. This is a necessary step.