About sample sliders

LayerSlider WP is the ultimate parallax content slider. It is really flexible and offers lots of options, you can entirely customize your content. Some people may find it difficult to understand every options what we offer to our customers. So we created a couple of sample sliders which demonstrates the power of LayerSlider WP and also shows our customers which options are responsible for which effect. Just press the "Import sample sliders" button at the top of the page and it will create a copy of these sample sliders for you. You can play with these sliders, don't worry about breaking them, it is meant to be for testing and experimenting. If you ever want to revert them to their original state, just press the "Import sample sliders" button again and it will create you a second, untouched copy from each of them.

Please note that the "Sample slider" is a full, well designed, complex slider. If you are not yet familiar with the settings, we recommend you to check an other sample slider first.